RE: QuantumGateway integration in php

QuantumGateway integration in php

dip Team Leader Asked on February 12, 2017 in PAYMENT GATEWAY.
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Standard Web Order HTML Form

 <form id="weborder" name="weborder" method="post" action="">
 Widget ABC $99
 <input name="item_qty" type="text" id="item_qty" value="1" size="5" />
 <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Buy" />
 <input name="gwlogin" type="hidden" value="your_gateway_login">
 <input name="post_return_url_approved" type="hidden" value="">
 <input name="post_return_url_declined" type="hidden" value="">
 <input name="item_description" type="hidden" value="One year subscription to">
 <input name="override_email_customer" type="hidden" value="Y">
 <input name="override_trans_email" type="hidden" value="Y">
 <input name="item_cost" type="hidden" value="99" />
Senior Developer Answered on February 14, 2017.
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