How to access or update or delete values in Lists?

How to access or update or delete values in Lists?

Team Leader Asked on March 21, 2017 in PYTHON.
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A Python list is a sequence of data values called items or elements.It can be compared to arrays.You can modify the items or elements of a list as per you needed with Python. Modifying a list means to change a particular item or element, add a new item OR remove an existing item from the list.

Creating Python List
In this section you will learn how to create a Python List.
Assign an empty List

fruits = [];

Create a Python list with items or elements
To create the list fill the values in list separated by commas with square brackets.

fruits = ['mango', 'plum', 'apple', 'orange'];

Delete List Elements

fruits =['mango', 'plum', 'apple', 'orange'];
 print fruits
 del fruits[3];
 print "After deleting value at index 3  is: "
 print fruits

Output Of the program

['mango', 'plum', 'apple', 'orange']
 After deleting value at index 3 is :
 ['mango', 'plum', 'apple']
IT Head Answered on December 5, 2017.
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