How to create a permission to access only blog for a user?


I want to create a role {SEO} for my team users who can only get access the magento blog.

Junior Developer Asked on July 5, 2018 in MAGENTO.
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To define a role in Magento 2

On the Admin panel, click System.Please Select “User Roles” under “Permissions” section
In the top upper-right corner, click “Add New Role” button.
Under Roles Resources section please select as “Custom” and then check those modules that you want to get access for your users.

For accessing Blog Only please check the below select box options and finally select users from “Role Users” and click “Save Role” button in top corner.

Shop By Brand
—Manage Brands
——Edit Brand
——Save Brand
——Delete Brand
—Manage Posts
——Edit Post
——Save Post
——Delete Post
—Manage Comments
——Save Comment
——Delete Comment
—Manage Categories
——Edit Category
——Save Category
——Delete Category

Store Locator
—Manage Stores

MGS Panel

Team Leader Answered on July 5, 2018.
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