how to show many events in a single page through plugines

how to show many events in a single page through plugins


Senior Developer Asked on July 6, 2018 in WORDPRESS.
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Download The Events Calendar plugin from here
Override & Create your Own template:

{1}Create “tribe-events” directory in your theme folder.
{2}Make a copy of the templates you want to customize.The template view files are located inside the plugin folder’s /src/views/ directory.
The Events Calendar template files:

{3}Copy “default-template.php” the template and put inside [your-theme]/tribe-events/
{4}Update your custom template
{5}Finally change the setting from Events -> Settings -> Template -> Events Template.



if ( ! defined( 'ABSPATH' ) ) {
die( '-1' );
<div id="tribe-events-pg-template" class="tribe-events-pg-template">
<?php tribe_events_before_html(); ?>
<?php tribe_get_view(); ?>
<?php tribe_events_after_html(); ?>
</div> <!-- #tribe-events-pg-template -->


**** Similar way you can change other templates as well but please make copy of that template and put inside [your-theme]/tribe-events/ .Otherwise it will lost when the plugin was updated .


Team Leader Answered on July 6, 2018.

Bro i need only plugin not modification code.But thank u for your support  

on July 7, 2018.
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