What is new in IONIC 3?

What is new in IONIC 3?

Senior Developer Asked on February 28, 2019 in IONIC.
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Ionic is a best framework and a complete open source SDK for developing hybrid mobile app development. It includes three main components such as a Sass based UI framework which is designed as well as optimized specifically for mobile UIs. Another is an AngularJS front-end JavaScript framework which is useful for developing scalable application, rapidly. And the third one is a compiler (PhoneGap or Cordova) used for native apps with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. This efficient framework comprises several functional CSS components out-of-the-box.

What’s New in Ionic 3.0?

Compatibility with Angular 4.0.0
It comprises compatibility with Angular 4.0.0. The updated Ionic 3 has introduced many new features as well as smaller and faster applications. It also provides support for the latest TypeScript version and much more.

Compatibility with TypeScript 2.1 and 2.2
Just like compatibility with Angular, this new update has facilitated to work with the latest version of TypeScript. It allows faster the build time as well as type checking in your app. It also supports mix-in classes, the capability using async await in Ionic. There are many more other updates introduces in this release.

Team Leader Answered on March 22, 2019.
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