Key Benefits Of An Order Management System

Key Benefits Of An Order Management System   Customer expectations and product demands have changed. As customers increasingly drive the buying journey, merchants must adjust quickly to ensure they are delivering a seamless customer experience in a way that is cost-effective for their businesses. This is where an order management system can help, providing key … Read more

Top 3 programming languages

Top 3 programming languages Programming languages have been shaping our Market since the beginning of IT era. Now, This is the reason why there are dozens of programming languages these days in the industry. So we have put together a list of top 3 programming languages that you have to learn to succeed in the … Read more

Why Ecommerce Website Is Needed for Your Retail Business?

Why Ecommerce Website Is Needed for Your Retail Business? An eCommerce website is a website which allows your business to sell products and services to their online audience. As a seller having an eCommerce website, you can tell your customers about your company, showcase your products and services. Also, you take payments online from your … Read more

Google algorithms update guide 2019

Google algorithms update guide 2019 Google’s algorithm update 2019 Google’s algorithms are the most common words we find while surfing through the internet. Algorithms are a basic set of rules for solving a problem through a few numbers of steps. Google is the giant encyclopedia for information. Google offers you answers for queries you type … Read more

List Of MySQL Restrictions and Limitations

1. limitations on Stored Programs The following additional limitations apply for stored programs: Some of the limitations mentioned here apply to stored procedures and stored functions. SQL Statements Not allowed in Stored Routines Stored routines can’t contain arbitrary SQL statements. The following statements are not allowed: The locking statements LOCK TABLES and UNLOCK TABLES. ALTER … Read more