The essential features for a travel websites

Design awesome predictive search:

Travel websites should have a predictive or auto-suggests search which provides results based on hotel names, the city as a search category and other hotels within that city. This is an excellent way to avoid displaying a large list of results, finding results quickly and to display hotels the user hasn’t thought of.

HD images and videos:

We live in a visual world so images and videos are the most powerful way to inspire and transmit messages. They make a strong statement and will have a bigger, impact on your website. Also people interact mostly in a social networking site that has lot of images. Users will remain longer and communicate more in a site that has good pictures.

Customer reviews:

Testimonials, customer reviews, and recommendations are increasing by the day as users want to know other customers experience before making a decision. A lots of people book hotel or homestay online if they had a five star rating and good reviews in the comment section. The reviews increase conversion rate and it will help to improve your site SEO ranking.

Search filters:

The website should have a simple search and filtering options so that your customers will get perfect result and modify the search as per their own taste using the filter.

Google map integration:

Google Map will help people find the locations they are looking for by adding hotel or property links. It will be easy for people to see the details of the destination selected with an image.

Simple checkout:

Travel sites should have a simple checkout process and make sure you offer multiple payment methods like credit card, debit card, PayPal, or even through net banking to make the process easy.