Why 404 page is important?

A 404 Page Error or Not Found error is displayed when you request a page that doesn’t exist in the website.This error often occurs when a user attempts to follow a broken or dead link OR type in a website address that doesn’t exist.

Most common reasons for a visitor gets a 404 page:

1. Visitor can misspell URL.
Think about our site, avianceschool.com for a minute. Guests might need to look through our free tools which can be found at www.avianceschool.com/tools. Rather, they type in ‘www.avianceschool.com/tool’. That is a mistake by the user and the webmaster can’t control it. But we can control the page they request if they misspell the url by creating a custom 404 page which retain the web traffic.
2. You may change a page’s URL:
If you change a page’s URL and anyone looking for that url or clicking on a previous link to it will redirect them to a 404 page.

Make the 404 page interesting:

A 404 error page can cause of frustration to your website visitors and might lead to abandonment of your website, it is vital to consider 404 pages as an approach to keep your guests connected with and to hold them on your site.Illustrations, graphics and a well-designed layout are sometimes enough to relieve you but your goal is to keep the users engaged more on your website.Here are few ways to stop losing visitors from the 404 error pages.

Search bar:
A search bar will help a user to find out the right direction and get what they looking for.

Contact Information:
The page should have contact information or a form which easily allows them to send you a message.

Having a menu in 404 page enables the client to take ways in achieving their assigned spot.

Link to Home page:
Add a link to the home page.