Based on feedback from publishers using vignettes, Google Adsense has extended vignette ads to include wider screen sizes to show that vignette ads perform very well on wider screens.
If you’d prefer not to show vignettes on wider screens, you can turn this option off using the new “wide screen” control in your Auto ads settings.

What is Vignette ads?

Vignette ads are full-screen ads that appear between page loads and can be skipped by users at any time.

  • Vignettes are displayed when the user leaves a page, rather than when they arrive on one, so the user doesn’t have to wait for them to load.
  • We limit the number of vignettes per user to maintain good user experience.

What does this mean for me?

• From November 3rd, 2020, if you’re using vignette ads, this ad format will start to appear on your websites on wider screens such as a desktop.
• You may see an increase in your vignette revenue.
• The change will apply to all sites that have “vignette” enabled in your AdSense account.

Increase Google AdSense Earning with Vignette Ads

Vignette ads are full-screen ads that appear between page loads and can be skipped by users at any time. vignettes were only shown to users between page loads within the same site. We now also show vignettes to users who are between page loads when they navigate to a different site. Increase google Adsense earning with vignette ads.

What should I do next?

• There’s no action required from you for this change to take effect on your websites.
• See how vignettes will appear on your desktop sites by using the Auto ads preview.
• See how vignettes are performing in this report in your account.